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Tongcheng blue plastic industrial limited
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Tongcheng blue plastic industrial limited was established in 2005, is located at shuanggang industrial zone, Tongcheng, covers an area of 13000 square meters, is a professional manufacturer of plastic flexible packaging products. Mainly engaged in food, daily chemical and pesticide products, such as bags of seeds, production and sales. The import-export business, the annual production capacity of 5000 tons. Company has 1 leading printing production line and more than more than 7 sets of laminating, slitting, plastic bag making machinery and equipment, developed by stand up pouch, zipper bag making techniques, meet the customers demand for product material, specification, bag of different needs.
Company's existing staff of 36 people, including management and all kinds of professional and technical personnel, 12. Company has passed the national industrial products production license products covering the country, exported to Europe, America, Australia and Japan, the Middle East and other countries and regions. Company was grant provincial "keep contract heavy credit units", Anqing city "financial and trustworthy enterprise", and "integrity units", "well-known trademark",; is "China packaging printing industry base", and "China plastic packaging industry base", and central area maximum of packaging products distribution center Tongcheng plastic soft packaging products of well-known Enterprise, 2008 yilai years was Tongcheng, and Anqing city grant "Star enterprise" and "tax large" title. Companies always adhere to the "blue sky products, like character; in refined products, cast in character brands" business philosophy of quality win to make our products won the social approval, "endless pursuit of development no end. Tongcheng city blue sky plastics industry Co Ltd, to "win by quality, service unlimited" attitude to become a bigger, stronger player, kept the enterprise stronger and provide more and better products for society, for the development of the national economy and make its due contribution.
Company registered capital of 8 million Yuan, the main business scope; plastic production and services, with an annual output capacity of 6000 tons of plastic packaging.
The company has more than 20 million yuan in fixed assets, with automatic high-speed computer gravure printing presses, 4 high-speed copiers, computer-rectification deviation slitting machine, 5 sets of high speed bag making machine, developed by independent, zipper production technology to meet customer plastic composite products of various materials. Specifications, pockets of different requirements.
Company mainly produces various types of composite products, widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, seeds, and pesticides. Seed, chemical, food industry for damp-proof, anti-RF functional package. Company mainly produces various kinds of composite food packaging bags, bags of seed, pesticide bags and other plastic products, customers can design, can also be produced according to customer requirements of professional production. High quality, beautiful and durable. We will strive to produce the best tea bags, Kraft foil bag and other packaging products. Determined to become the country's best compound bag manufacturers, aluminum foil bags manufacturer! Welcome to sample order inquiry.

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