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Supermarket shopping bag smile bag
Supermarket shopping bag smile bag

Supermarket shopping bags is we daily in the of easy consumption products. According to survey estimates national daily consumption of supermarket shopping bags over 1 billion only, this is a terrible of digital. supermarket provides one-time supermarket shopping bags to people brings convenient of while also caused on environment of damage, due to its using cycle short, and free was discarded, and easily decomposition, factors, abandoned of supermarket shopping bags has became "white pollution" of main source. Since limited plastic makes official implemented, provides ban production, and sales, and Using the 0.025mm supermarket shopping bags, all supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and other retail sites to implement system of paid use of plastic shopping bags, are not allowed to provide free supermarket shopping bags. after the implementation of this policy, effective control of the proliferation of supermarket shopping bags.

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