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Blue Sky plastics industry tell you advantages and disadvantages cooking bags
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In the area of food packaging, cooking bags compared with the metal tin container and frozen food bags, has a number of unique advantages:

① food color, aroma, taste and appearance. Cooking bags thinner, sterilization can be achieved in a relatively short time required, saving as much as possible of the original color, aroma, flavor, and shape.

II the use of convenience. Cooking bags can be opened easily and safely. To serve, put food bags joined together in 5min to open food by heating in boiling water, or can be eaten without heating.

③ backout, convenient. Cooking bag lightweight, composite storage, space occupied by small, after the packaged foods, the space smaller than metal cans, can make full use of storage space, save on storage costs.

II energy savings. Cooking bags due to the thinner, heating bags can quickly achieve the bacterial lethal temperatures, consumed less energy than cans 30~40%.

⑤ easy sales. Cooking bag according to market need packaging or combination of different food items, customers are free to buy, in addition, well-designed and greatly increased sales.

⑥ long preservation time. Boil-in-bag packaging food, that do not require refrigeration or freezing, shelf-life stability, comparable with the metal cans, easy to sell and make it easy for family use.

Sadly, at less cost. Manufacture composite film of cooking bag lower than the prices for metals, its production process and equipment requirements are very simple, so cooking bags low prices.

Disadvantages of cooking bags:

Cooking bag also has its disadvantages, mainly lack of high speed filling equipment, certain consequences for mass production.

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