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Multiple food bags how to classify differentiated
Edit:Tongcheng blue plastic industrial limited   UpDate:2016-09-09

We all know that Chinese people's lives have not the composite food bags, food bags for this bag in the market demand is growing, today let us know about it.

Multiple food bags bags category, according to the compound forms: single-layer plastic bags and plastic composite bag. Single-layer plastic bags, PE.  Plastic film, heat sealable grade BOPP. Characteristics of single-layer plastic bags: 1) cheap, 2) using the table method 3) is the use of benzene-soluble ink 4) substrate layer surface due to ink, intaglio printing compound plastic bag, easy to fade. 5) used in garment bags, and common food packaging 6) belong to the lower-end packaging. Plastic bags characteristics: 1) prices are relatively more expensive single-layer plastic bag 2) use mirror gravure printing. 3) due to no benzene no ketone of in domestic of implementation, existing increasingly more of manufacturers used no benzene no ketone ink, but also has part manufacturers for reduced cost, remains in used benzene dissolved ink 4) due to its used intaglio printing, printing ink is located in printer layer of inside, then in composite, such on not caused for friction, and oxidation, problem caused color bleaching, than single layer plastic packaging bags of table printing, to lasting many. 5) plastic composite bag a wide range of applications, the food industry, chemical industry, daily necessities, and so on, for its fine print, and features with enhanced and used more widely. 7) belongs to the high-end package II, in accordance with the packaging feature to: general packing and packaging.

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