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Selection of high temperature cooking bag what structure, how? Production process control?
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Structure of the high temperature cooking bag and material selection

In order to meet the requirements of Retort Pouch, its outer structure selection of high strength polyester films, the middle-tier select shading and gas-tight aluminum foil, layer using polypropylene film. Three-layer structure: both PPET/PA/CPP and PET/AL/CPP, PET/AL/PA/CPP of the four-story structure. Performance characteristics of different kinds of films is as follows.

1, polyester film

Polyester film with high mechanical strength, heat, cold, oil, medicines, such as performance, the thickness of 12gm can be used, but many domestic polyester film slightly less temperature resistance, smoothness is not too stable, which brings great difficulties, resulting in waste.

2, aluminum foil

Foil barrier, good resistance to moisture, which is very important to save the flavor of the food. Strong protection, packaging are less prone to bacteria and mould against high temperature and low temperature shape stabilized; good shade, heat and light have a strong reflectance. A thickness 7 μ m can be used, pinholes can be as little as possible, aperture as small as possible, and the smoothness of it must be well, no oil spots on the surface, homemade aluminum foil is generally not up to the requirements, many manufacturers choose Korea and Japan.

3, nylon

Nylon not only barrier sex good, and no smelly, and tasteless, and nontoxic, special durable Thorn, it has a weaknesses is not resistance wet, so to save in dry of environment in the, once sucking water, its all performance index will declined, nylon thickness in 15gm can using, in for composite Shi, best using double processing of film, if not double processing of film, its not processing surface to and foil phase composite, to guarantee composite fastness.

4, pp

High temperature cooking bag layer PP film, requires not only the good flatness and its tensile strength, heat seal strength, impact strength, elongation at break is very strict, only a handful of domestic products can be used, but the effect was not as imported raw materials, the thickness of 60~70gm, surface treatment 40dyn.

5, adhesives

Cooking bag requires very strong fastness of adhesion of the adhesive and resistant to 121~135℃ high temperature, the amount of glue is 4~5G/m2 of dry weight.

High temperature cooking bag to consider in the production process

Pre-production machines maintenance

Before they start production, you must complete machine maintenance again, all rollers must be smooth surface, free of adhesives and other debris, rotational flexibility; adhesive on the glue roller and pressure roller is best replaced with new spare parts, adjust rollers parallel to each other.

Technology and parameters

Production, if good quality aluminum foil, as few have rollers and other substrates through tension and manual tuning device composite roll before you enter the flat. Humidity environment to keep 85%, Composite dry temperature is 50 ° c, 70 ° c, 85 ° c, temperature 85~90℃, compound pressure is 0.4~0.45Mpa, in the case of guaranteed dry speed is generally 60~90m/min.


Each composite finished at 40 per cent of the maturing room for 48 hours, and then again under the compound, final product to cure 4 days to bag, but neither the maturing time is too long or bonded fastness would drop.


Business bags process and hot seal temperature, hot seal pressure and machine speed about, hot seal temperature by composite film thickness, within layer material performance decided of, general control in 170~230℃ Zhijian; pressure to regulation right, pressure too low heat seal strength not high, pressure too high will put within layer resin extrusion to, makes sealing at of thickness reduced, effect bag of strength, in high temperature sterilization into is easy in hot seal at produced stress concentrated, makes bag rupture; machine speed cannot too fast, or also will makes bag strength declined.

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