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Manufacturing process of high temperature cooking bag (b)
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Then, in specific operation Shi, to followed process single of process parameter, which including coated rubber roll of line number and dot depth, and operation rubber liquid of concentration, and baking road the heating paragraph of temperature, and blast quantum mouth row air of size, and boot speed of level, also has put volume tension, and baking road tension, and received volume tension of control, and composite steel roll of surface temperature and composite pressure and so on. In the above parameters, the amount of glue required (typically 4~5G/m2) and amount of residual solvent requirements (national standards is less than 10mg/m2, corporate internal control preferably less than 3mg/m2), is the Retort Pouch the intrinsic quality of the key must be taken seriously.
Third: in specific of composite operation Shi, some adhesive suppliers requirements first times will two layer (PET/AL or OPA/AL) complex good Hou? to first put it put to 50~55℃ of curing between to placed 4H or 12h Hou, again for second times third layer (PET/AL/CPP or PET/AL/OPA) of composite, each a times composite good are to has this process, but also has many rubber stick penalty can in one fell swoop to two layer, and three layer even four layer all complex good Hou, only put to 50~ 55 c maturing room to let it ripen. Behind this kind of adhesive for the production management, are more favourable to labour productivity. ≪/p><p> IV is maturing. Temperature on curing and maturing time, 48h under General requirements in 50~55℃, best 72h, but also some adhesives require on 15-7 day. This must be all kinds of brand models's instructions to do, very sensitive to curing at room temperature too low, the maturing time is too short. The temperature in the curing Chamber, also with ventilation flow, maintaining the same at all points, indoor air is appropriate replacement, the maturation of residual solvents released into outdoor, complement the clean fresh air, this will help reduce the amount of residual solvent and compound difference, help to improve product quality.

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