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Do you know about multiple food bags?
Edit:Tongcheng blue plastic industrial limited   UpDate:2016-09-06

In China now use grocery bags can be said to be growing, packaging, are two or more materials, through one or more dry-type laminating technology together to form functional package. Can generally be divided into the grass-roots level, function and heat seal layer. Grass-roots mainly aesthetic, printing, moisture, and so on. As BOPP, and BOPET, and BOPA, and MT, and KOP, and KPET,; function layer main up barrier, and avoidance light, role, as VMPET, and AL, and EVOH, and PVDC,; hot seal layer and packaging items directly contact, up adapted sex, and resistance permeability, and good of hot seal sex, and transparency, and open day sex, function, as LDPE, and LLDPE, and MLLDPE, and CPP, and VMCPP, and EVA, and EAA, and E-MAA, and EMA, and EBA,.

The composite food bag is widely used in food packaging, industrial packaging, medical, health, electronics, aerospace, technology, military and other fields, so this sort of complex food bags on how big is the role played by the community, our factory is a professional production of a variety of food. Welcome your call to discuss.

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