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Composite food bag specifications there is specific to
Edit:Tongcheng blue plastic industrial limited   UpDate:2016-09-08

Because the food packaging is packaging the main use of object, a wide range of different requirements, wrapped from birth to maturity, from low temperature to high temperature, from perishable fruits to hard nuts, vacuum packed bag inflatable bags, covers almost all ranges of the composite bags.

Barrier requirements. Most of the food is rich in oil, fat oxidation, so strict with oxygen barrier. Bags of water increases or decreases in requirements are very high. Water activity. Foods contain a certain amount of water, and when the selected packaging material, in the case of food processing conditions, the formula is not changed, the moisture content of the food changed very little. When conditions change, will directly affect the activity of the original moisture content of the food, and water is an important factor in causing food spoilage, so long as there is a certain moisture content, microorganisms can grow. Moisture content of different foods, different materials and methods should be used.

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