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Blue Sky plastics industry teaches you some quality detection method of composite food bags
Edit:Tongcheng blue plastic industrial limited   UpDate:2016-09-08

We live in this composite food demand more and more, this means that if the quality of food bags out of the problem, for our personal health products a great deal of harm, we use, we must be on the quality of these multiple food bags to check. Next we're going to learn this method of quality inspection of bags. First of all, the bag is placed central, at 40W fluorescent lamp swing lightly, with a composite surface reflects light, you can clearly see the composite surface for scratches or marks, the industry often referred to as "drawing". If the drawing serious according to the actual situation, find fault, to minimize the impact of low, to ensure product quality. Drawing we observed phenomenon is mostly caused by a bag-making machine guide rolls are not clean, so make sure the rollers clean.

Compound bag grocery bag check for evenness. The specific method is: pump the finished bag proofs "air-to-surface" falls, let nature take its course on the ground (to clean), combined with the situation after. If bag when bent, tilt outward or inward, and then the flatness deviation of the compound bag, otherwise, good smoothness of notes. Causes of the poor smoothness of the reasons are the following: the bag too high temperature, composite bags the stress stiffness; structure is irrational; equality of material thickness. It has come to our attention, when the PET/PE and BOPP/PET/PE structures of composite materials when total thickness not exceeding 80 μ m, prone to poor flatness.

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