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Us composite bags, food bags and packing material
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Multiple food bags to check their bags look. Visual inspection depends primarily on the bag for any visible scratches; whether there is a pinhole; whether there is pollution; sealing specifications. Compressive strength and bursting strength test. And strength and fracture strength of methods is the use of extrusion method in the bag on the table, and then add weight, last minute, vacuum packaging bag is lost for the first time and leakage.

Some properties of the composite bag vacuum packaging material for food directly affects the food's shelf-life and taste of food. In vacuum packaging, packaging materials selection is the key to success or not. Main material of vacuum packing bags of food packaging materials, classification of composite materials is necessary, use vacuum packaging: PE of low temperature, high temperature cooking RCPP; second, puncture-resistant properties; third, aluminum foil is to increase the barrier properties, and increased mechanical strength. Then depending on your needs, combining a variety of performance, in order to increase the use of barrier properties of PVA high barrier coating for waterproofing. Four-layer PA/PE, PA/PE, PET/RCPP RCPP. Common of composite film has PE (polyethylene film) thickness in 25 micron-150 Micron Zhijian, CPP (flow extended polypropylene film) thickness can free adjustment, VMPET (plating aluminum polyester film) thickness common of for 12 micron, VMCPP (vacuum plating aluminum flow extended polypropylene) thickness can free adjustment, AL (Aluminum Foil of full name) thickness General for 7 micron, some printing film also can put to middle as composite film using, as PET and Nylon-BOPA film.

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