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From customized shopping bags on the quality of plastic bags to differentiate
Edit:Tongcheng blue plastic industrial limited   UpDate:2016-09-18

In our daily lives, plastic shopping bags play a very important role, which has brought about great convenience in our shopping. With the development of society, the continuous improvement of people's health awareness, for standard plastic shopping bags have a different understanding. Currently in the large mall supermarkets made shopping bags are up to standard, but a lot of players in order to be able to save costs with the ultra-thin or unqualified cheap plastic bags. So, how do we identify and distinguish those plastic bags? Next Blue Sky plastics industry brief.

First, the strict standards and requirements for customized shopping bags, printed and we are going out of the bag, and you have to learn to observe plastic bags. In particular for direct food plastic supermarket bags be sure to note that such bags must be printed with the logo for food use. In addition to news about plastic bag stinks, some plastic bags are made from scrap materials for further processing, such plastic bags with a pungent odor that people simply will not work.

Second, observe the color shopping bags are also very important, usually supermarkets make shopping bags, its color without white or transparent color, delicate texture. Such as common colors vest bag in the vegetable market is of waste plastics recycling process and cannot be used to hold food, and can only be used once. If the secondary pollution caused by plastic bags to pack food, will produce some toxic substances, endanger our health.

The thickness of the plastic bag, regular supermarket shopping bags are relatively thick, can be recycled, and General poor quality of journal of plastic bags usually have other low strength, easily crack is not durable. It is easy to identify in the thickness, as the two bags feels very different.

Whether it's big or small convenience stores, shopping malls, custom shopping bags be sure to select the regular manufacturers, the use of certified materials, this product is guaranteed. In addition, the bag has brought about great convenience to our life, in our daily lives, however, would make a certain awareness of environmental protection, in order to protect the environment on the one hand, but also for our own health.

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