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Blue Sky plastics industry tell you advantages and use of rolling bags
Edit:Tongcheng blue plastic industrial limited   UpDate:2016-09-19

Roll bag tell you what are the benefits and usage, see below

Rolling bags high quality producer , Tongcheng blue plastic co, Ltd always adhere to customer service. Today, blue sky plastics industry tell you what are the benefits and usage, please see below.

1, sustained stretching, good ductility and cracking behavior does not occur for a long time.

2, made of special, not air, so it is good to stop air entering the rolling bag, you can even play a role in preservation.

3, appearance and smooth, good diaphaneity, high gloss, but also resistant to oil, solvent, convenient printing.

4, lightweight, waterproof, corrosion protection, and will not be acid-base corrosion products.

5, low cost, can save costs for businesses.

6, plasticity, and if you don't need can be made from other types of bags.

But note that this rolling bag is best not used to cooked food, because it's made of material similar to plastic bags, food can affect consumption, should be installed by specialized food bags.

Tongcheng city blue sky plastics industry company will welcome every new and old customer to visit, we will sincerely look forward to your cooperation!

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