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Blue sky and tell your plastic grocery bag use
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Packaged food in plastic food bags are common, but people often neglect of plastics is toxic to the body of the fact, readily grabbed a plastic bag used to hold food.
Polyvinyl chloride is toxic; toxic PVC resin, but were joined in the process of making plastic plasticizer di-n-methyl butyl acetate or di-n-Octyl phthalate, they are toxic. In addition, some joined the stabilizers in the plastic products, which add a stabilizer mainly lead stearate, also have toxicity, this lead salts are easily precipitated, once in the body it will cause a collection of lead poisoning, so put them food with bags of food, should never be used in use should pay attention to the following points:
1. PVC products come into contact with alcohol solvent such as diethyl ether will lead, PVC plastics so store food containing alcohol is not appropriate.
2. PVC case of oil-containing foods, which lead into the food, so it is not suitable for packaging oily food.
3. when using a temperature above 50 ° c PVC HC will slowly release such gases are harmful to human health.
4. recycling of waste plastics products, raw material complex to avoid toxic ingredients or food packaging.
Daily with packaged foods without additives of polyethylene, Polypropylene plastic, use them for grocery bags can be reassuring.

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