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Production of ordinary plastic vest bag what materials do I need?
Edit:Tongcheng blue plastic industrial limited   UpDate:2016-10-29

HDPE material is the main material of making plastic vest bag.
This polyethylene (HDPE) has a very good hardness, although there are in the process of making some difficult and strict technical demands, but out of the nature of the products it has some very good, and very good performance.
HDPE material itself has very good stability, so this is to a large extent to ensure that the use of plastic bags in the case. This vest is a crystallization of the material is very high, and has a number of non-polar thermoplastic resin materials, whether in the store stage, still in the production stage has to use good security and convenience, and is very good for the users. Business
Vest bags made of polyethylene materials are presented before the raw white State, but after some initial processing, its form can also occur after certain changes, such as: this material is presented in small sections of State is translucent, which is plastic bags of preparatory work.
Note: the produce vest bags of polyethylene material with good durability, but it also, in a certain amount of Chengdu and a range of life and chemical products has its own characteristics. Just like we use in the process be able to find it, vest bag materials have very good not hygroscopic properties, and good protection against water vapor, which also greatly extended its field of use. Very special is the produce vest bags of material with good electrical properties and its insulation dielectric strength is very high. It is worth mentioning that this material can be well used in different temperature, this is also a great deal of Chengdu increased proficiency with a vest pocket.

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