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Custom plastic bags of composite materials
Edit:Tongcheng blue plastic industrial limited   UpDate:2016-12-17

Plastic bags have too many categories, we usually acknowledge custom plastic bags may only handbags and the like, such as supermarket shopping bags, there is a plastic bag called compound bag, as the name suggests, it is compounded of several layers of material, the manufacturing process is much more complex than the vest bags and the like, often used in the industrial and food packaging.

Composite bags usually consists of three layers of material, different properties are as follows:

Outer layer: bag enhanced mechanical strength, heat resistance, printing and optical properties, and so on.

Middle: the composite structure of the main function, such as barrier properties, fragrant properties.

Inner layer: the main sealing performance, followed by pressure drop, airtightness of the packing material.

So, understand the properties of different levels, will talk about the different levels of material characteristics. The composite materials and their characteristics are as follows:

BOPP: high tensile strength, tearing strength, good chemical stability nontoxic tasteless, excellent water resistance.

CPP: transparent bags high, good gloss, high stiffness, thus the good effect of display shelves of packaged products, high temperature, can be cooked above 100 degrees.

BOPET: tensile strength is all plastic film one, on air, odor barrier is extremely high, is one of the incense material.

BOPA: tensile strength, tearing strength, impact strength and fracture strength are among the best in plastic materials.

PE: the plastic most commonly used category, good flexibility, high elongation and low hardness.

VMPET/VMCPP: high barrier properties of thin films, fine fragrance and photo shielding to prevent oxidation of food.

EVOH: has excellent gas barrier property, aromatic properties and good chemical resistance, suitable for essential packaging from fat liquids and toxic.

AL: aluminum foil material, very good barrier properties, not transparent, not breathable, impermeable.

Different materials are used for packaging of different products, for more complex production process, so stay tuned huasheng plastic bag manufacturers. Custom plastic bags, contact customer service, personalized programmes on-demand customization!

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